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How Are You Prepared for this WINTER ?

Some Simple Tips to Better Winters if you are Diabetic, collated in discussion with Diabetic Care Professionals

Exercise regularly, more so during winter months “Exercise is the best defense against insulin resistance,” – It is important to follow your exercise regimen to control your blood sugar levels, increase your insulin sensitivity and keep you warm. Do keep in mind that any sort of physical activity can directly affect the blood sugar levels for up to 48 hours, apart from improving your metabolism

Try hand warmers. Testing blood sugars won’t work well if your hands are cold. Run some warm water over hands to get better blood flow.

Winter is the best season to improve immunity! We feel hungrier than usual and digestion is much better and efficient. So Please try and load your system with these Super-foods – Citrus fruits (such as Amla), Roots (Turmeric) & Nuts.

Take extra care of your skin Lowered skin sensitivity in winter, especially among those who have neuropathy, may mean that minor skin injuries can get overlooked due to numbness or lack of pain sensation. Thus, inspect your body, especially your hands and feet, daily to look for any wounds/burns/cuts. Keep your skin well moisturised (buy a foot care cream here) to reduce chances of abrasions (scraping of the skin) that can lead to injuries.

Wear warm socks and proper footwear. When dressing for cooler temperatures, pay particular attention to your feet. Make sure that they are warm and dry and that you’re wearing appropriate socks shoes

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